Unorthodoxies: Reimagining Meera

Audio CD

Genre:Experimental Music


Price:400 INR / 15 USD


Voice and Composition : Shubha Mudgal 

Reading : Kiran Nagarkar

Sound Design and Music Arrangement : Aneesh Pradhan



Copyright & Publishing 2005 : Shubha Mudgal , Kiran Nagarkar and Aneesh Pradhan

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A unique multilingual collaborative experiment between author Kiran Nagarkar and musicians Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan, "Unorthodoxies: Reimagining Meera" brings together prose, poetry and music in a manner that reinterprets the traditional Indian storytelling form, while also giving the story of Meerabai an unorthodox hue. Described thus in the words of Kiran Nagarkar:

"One of the central dilemmas of becoming a saint is that people cease to see you as real. You become aloof and distant; insubstantial and ethereal. For years now Shubha Mudgal has known that if there is one Indian saint who is more human than most of us, it is Meera. Her project then was to turn Meera into a flesh-an-blood woman with a temperature of 97.6. She would be a Karma-yogin. She would plunge into song as she would plunge into everything else; ecstasy, anger, bhakti, the madness of love."

Then something curious happened. Kiran Nagarkar wrote Cuckold from almost the same impulse. Except that he wanted to bring Meera’s husband, the heir apparent Prince Bhojraj back from the dead and forgotten.

"Suddenly everything fell into place. Together Shubha and Kiran would bring Meera and Bhojraj to life."

Audio Track listing:

The Song 14:44
The Voyeur 15:56
The Little Saint 18:17
The Parijaat Tree 5:59
The Dance 11:29
Dedication 7:59