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Genre:Pop Music


Price:100 INR / 5 USD


Vocal : Vivienne Pocha

Lyrics by : Vivienne Pocha & Asif Beg

Composed, arranged & programmed by : Merlin De Souza


Copyright & Publishing : Merlin De Souza & Vivienne Pocha

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Not restricting itself to traditional music from India, Underscore Records also believes in interacting with contemporary musical genres. Indiva is a pop album with two tracks featuring Merlin de Souza and Vivienne Pocha, who have been collaborating for a significant period in recording and performance situations. While the first song Superwoman is a tribute to women and to their indomitable spirit in the face of the severest odds, the second piece Kranti speaks assertively of revolution.

The track "Superwoman" is also avalaible as an MP3 download. Please visit the Downloads section of our Catalogue.

Audio Track listing:

Superwoman 4:38
Kranti 5:32