Aasmano Mein


Genre:Experimental Music


Price:35 INR / 1 USD


Lyrics: Aalok Shrivastav

Sleigh bell/tree. bell tree, kalimba, drums, Nepali damaru, clackers, cymbals, ghungroo, wood block, chimes, wind chimes, door effect and rainstick: all played by Pratap Rath

Voice: Shubha Mudgal


Copyright and Publishing 2009: Aneesh Pradhan & Tanay Gajjar

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Aalok Shrivastav's poignant lyrics have been set to a whole tone scale by composer Aneesh Pradhan, who has left the piece as unadorned as possible, to portray the heart-wrenching moments that the lyrics describe. The use of percussion in this piece attempts at creating a stark ambience to heighten the tension introduced by the melodic line.

This track is also available on the album Tarana-e-Percussion.

Audio Track listing:

Aasmano Mein 5:43