About Time


Genre:Experimental Music


Price:35 INR / 1 USD


Duff tarang, taal, cymbals, manjira, chakva, chhiplya, chanda, tuntuna, China cymbal, dhangari dhol: Pratap Rath

Pakhawaj: Prakash Shejwal

Tabla: Aneesh Pradhan


Copyright and Publishing 2009: Aneesh Pradhan and Tanay Gajjar

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Composed by Aneesh Pradhan, this track begins with the ubiquitous cycle of eight counts, but introduces variations through different instruments and changing rhythmic patterns. The pakhawaj and the tabla play a taal or rhythmic cycle that is popular with the religious music practised by the Warkari sect from Maharashtra. But gradually this moves through several twists and turns to a cycle of nine counts.

This track is also available in the album Tarana-e-Percussion.

Audio Track listing:

About Time 8:27