Tarang 2


Genre:Experimental Music


Price:35 INR / 1 USD


Matka tarang, duggi tarang, khanjira, angklung (originally from Southeast Asia, but used in experimental work in India and has become popular as the bamboo tarang), cabasa/kabas, dimdi - all played by Pratap Rath.

Composed by Aneesh Pradhan.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tanay Gajjar, assisted by Pranam Pansare.


Copyright and Publishing 2009: Aneesh Pradhan & Tanay Gajjar

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Composer Aneesh Pradhan has created a structure containing two layers. Each of these layers is structured over seventy counts - the first layer maintaining ten counts over seven cycles and the other layer simultaneously maintaining seven counts over ten cycles. The melody played on the matkas or earthen pots and the tuned duggi drums is based on the scale of the raag Gorakh Kalyan. The composer has tried to intermittently create a drone effect with the matka tarang, reminiscent of a tanpura, albeit a percussive one.

This track is also available on the album Tarana-e-Percussion .

Audio Track listing:

Tarang 2 5:28