Sangeet Raagkalpadrum: Encyclopedia of Indian Music


Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:9500 INR / 225 USD


In three hard bound volumes.



This invaluable set of three volumes is collectively titled Sangeet Raagkalpadrum, and was compiled by Krishnananda Vyasadeva "Raagsagar" in the 19th century. First published between 1842 and 1849, the original volumes were individually priced at Rs.25.00 each and the set sold for Rs. 100.00 only. The second edition of these volumes was published in 1916 by Nagendra Nath Vasu but this edition too remained out of print for about 92 years . The set of three volumes now available to music students and music lovers has been edited by Radhey Shyam Shukla and published by Pratibha Prakashan, Delhi in 2008.

Volume 1, Part 1 of the current edition contains several chapters on subjects titled as follows:
Swaraadhyaya, Vivekaadhyaya, Raag Ragini Samay, Raag Ragini Dhyaanodaharan, Taalaadhyaya, Nrutyaadhyaya, Vaadyaadhyaya, Gaanaadhyaya. This last chapter contains song texts from different raags such as Bhairav, Todi, Gurjari, Asavari, Multani, Bhimpalasi, Puriya, Purvi, Puriya Dhanashri, Shree, and Bihag.

Volume 1, Part 2 contains song texts in the raags Bhairavi, Jhinjhoti, Jangla, Multani, Dhaani, Barwa, Sohni, Sorath, and Pilu. This volume contains an extensive collection of thumri, lavani and other song texts in the above mentioned raags.

Vol 2 contains song texts in the raags Khambawati, Paraj, Kalinga, Jaijiaiwanti, Bhairav, Ramkali, Vibhas, Devgandhar, Lalit, Bilawal, Suha, Alhaiya, Bhairavi, Sindhu Bhairavi, Multani Bhairavi, Kafi, Pilu, Sindhu Kafi, Sarparda, Gara, Bihag, Sorath, Des, Pahadi, Multani, Jogiya, Bahar, Dhani, Dhanashri, Malhar Adana, Shahana, Varari, Kukubh, Jangla, Khat, Lalit Pancham, Purvi, Todi, Kabir verses, as well as song texts of other forms such as Kajri and Kirtan.