Distance Education in Music


Genre:Indian Music


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Language: English



This publication is focused on various topics connected with Distance Education in Music. From the ashram to the classroom, to graded courses in Universities, and through the opening up of new channels of communication through Radio, TV and website, we have now open university and distance education within the reach of every one, crossing urban-rural geographical barriers. Awareness of the potentialities of learning through media channels now available and the success it has already achieved in several disciplines during the last few decades, prompted the presentation of this publication

Contributors to this volume include R.C. Mehta, Sanjoy Bandopadhyay, N. Ramanathan, Martin Clayton, M. Subramanian, S.A.K. Durga, Ragini Trivedi, Akin Euba, Subhasree Dasgupta, Shakeela Khanam, K. Mohanasundaram, S. Vijaya and Mihir Bhatt