Living Music from the Past: G.M. Londhe

Audio CD

Genre:Archival Music


Price:200 INR / 10 USD


Copyright and Publishing 2006: Society of Indian Record Collectors and Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd.

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After the release of Marathi natya sangeet or theatre music on the album Living Music from the Past: Madhavrao Walawalkar, Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd. feels privileged to continue its association with the Society of Indian Record Collectors, through another album largely featuring the same form of music.

The voice of the actor-singer found on this album is that of Gangadharpant Meghashyam Londhe (1902-1944), whose short but active career saw him in multiple roles – an actor-singer in Marathi musical theatre to begin with, a successful recording artiste on gramophone labels of the time, an actor in films, a proprietor of a theatre company and a producer. In fact, the tracks on this album also include songs that Londhe had sung for films and those that were not part of his theatre or film career.

The recordings featured here have been restored from the original Odeon Record discs. They have been digitally restored only to a certain extent, so as to retain the nature of the recorded music. The listening pleasure may have been further enhanced with the help of more experimentation with the modern software available to us, but this would have changed the complexion of the music. Music lovers and audiophiles are therefore requested to bear with us.

The album is accompanied by a detailed booklet containing a complete discography of the artiste and a note on Odeon Records provided by Dr. Suresh Chandvankar, Hon. Sec., Society of Indian Record Collectors. The booklet also contains rare photographs.

The rights for the music on this album are in public domain. The Society of Indian Record Collectors has generously decided to share it with music lovers. The production of this album was supported by G.M. Londhe’s son A.G. Londhe.

Audio Track listing:

Priya jari ha sahvaas malaa 3:14
Nayani tihi bahu premalaa 3:12
Sainyaan hato mose naa bolo 3:1
Phul mangaavo haar banaavo 3:13
Dhanya tuchi kaantaa 3:11
Shar laagalaa tuzhaa ge 3:12
Aai re karkaraa jin pakaro 3:11
Maan sainyaan binati mori 3:13
Tuchi divyaanganaa 3:17
Dhaval laukikaa 3:13
Cchand ek tuzha 3:17
Lachkat murkat haansat 3:19
Sakhe zhani jinkilaa 3:13
Lahari aataa sukhaachyaa 3:18
Nabhi dhavali paha 3:13
Sukhakar haa aavaaz bhajanaachaa 3:14
Gaanjishi vaayaa deen janaa ya 3:03
Katu yojanaa hi 3:01
Kaahi baale dev bhulato 2:59
Kaal haa aalaa 3:02
Sujanaa cchal nindaa 3:01
Kanak kamalaavari motiyaanchya sari 2:55
Tejaa nabhin 3:16
Lolat kacch mukh madhuvari 3:2
Jay aalakh niranjan aalakh 3:14
Aadesh gururaaj 3:2
Nishaamay kaali yaa paahee 3:2
Jinkile majala 3:16
Pranayaa navaruchee detaa 3:18
Sukhamay aashaa 3:19
Aise kaise zhale bhondu 3:19
Vitthal Vitthal gajaree 3:05
Jarath baalaa 3:2
Vaaya vachan aaj 3:24
Vaache Vitthal Vitthal gaaee 3:11
Deen daas uddhaaraayaa 3:05