Bhakti Utsav

Audio CD

Genre:Religious Music


Price:500 INR / 19.95 USD


Concept and Production: Sanjeev Bhargava

Copyright 2005 : Seher

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This 2-CD pack is a unique compilation of devotional music rendered by some of the most prominent artists from India and Pakistan. It is a live concert recording of Bhakti Utsav April 2005, an annual event organizedby Seher and Delhi Tourism. Bhakti Utsav celebrates the diverse ways of reaching out and beyond through music, and the festival brings together classical, traditional, and folk forms together on a single platform. The forms include mantra, bhajan, qawwali, sopana sangeet, Carnatic music, dhrupad etc.

The artistes featured on this 2 CD set are: Madhup Mudgal, Keshavrao Badge, Satyasheel Deshpande, Bombay Jayshri, Iqbal Bahu, Njeralath Harigovindan, Channulal Mishra, K. Malola Kannan, Gundecha Bandhu, Krishan Lal Bheel, Kalapini Komkali, Bharti Bandhu, Bhagvati Prasad Gandharva, and Fareed Ayaz al Hussaini.

Audio Track listing:

Madhup Mudgal 7:17
Madhup Mudgal 6:38
Keshavrao Badge 5:15
Satyasheel Deshpande 3:59
Bombay Jayshri 8:58
Bombay Jayshri 5:29
Iqbal Bahu 7:02
Njeralath Harigovindan 4:51
Channulal Mishra 19:25
K Malola Kannan 4
Gundecha Bandhu 9:42
Krishan Lal Bheel 5:02
Kalapini Komkali 7:47
Kalapini Komkali 7:4
Bharti Bandhu 10:27
Bhagvati Prasad Gandharva 6:2
Fareed Ayaz al Hussaini 19:59
Fareed Ayaz al Hussaini 7:12