The Family Mando : The Cotta Family

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Genre:Folk music


Price:250 INR / 10 USD


 Miguel Cotta : vocals and gumott

Lisette de Miranda e Cotta : vocals

Chantale Cotta e Viegas : vocals

Franz Schubert Cotta : guitar



Copyright : Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology, American Institute of Indian Studies

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The mando is a unique genre of Goa, born of the western influences on the aristrocatic class who had imbibed and adopted Portuguese and Western ways of food, dress and culture. However the cultures that formed of this confluence yielded one that was strongly Goan - the Third culture in the words of Alberto de Noronha.

The melodies of mando are not borrowed western tunes, but were composed by Goan composers, with text written in their mother toungue, Konkani. The mando has a slow melody and the texts comprise of three stanzas. Each stanza is composed of eight bars, and the third stanza is usualy the refrain, referred to as the Estrebilho.

Information has been sourced from the album jacket.

Audio Track listing:

Doriachea larari 5:12
Koslem Disgras Mure 5:37
Chinttun Fuddar Deva Mhozo 7:15
Motint Sopnnantum 6:52
Sorgu Nitoll Re Nirmollu 5:08
Dulpod : Ovlloem Bitor 2:07
Eklench Sandal Re Mhaka 4:27
Suryan Uzvarh Fankarolo 6:18
Sorger Uzvadd Noketrancho 5:03
Paichea Maichea 6:49