Master musicians from the Archives : Karim Khan

Audio CD

Genre:Folk Music


Price:250 INR / 10 USD


Dholak : Gazi Khan, Rana Khan,

Sarinda : Azeem Khan Langa

Murli : Allaudin Khan, Mala Khan, Latif Khan


Copyright : Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology, American Institute of Indian Studies

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The "surnaiya langa" are a hereditary musician community, they and their patrons mostly live in the westernmost area of Rajasthan, in the districts of Barmer and Jaisalmer. They enjoy a very close relationship with their patrons, and some of them are said to originally have belonged to the patron community.

The surnaiya langas play only the wind instruments, including the surnai from which they take their name. They play the murli and the double flute which is variously called algoza, satara or pawa. This album is a compilation of compositions played by surnaiya langa Karim Khan.

Information has been sourced from the album jacket.

Audio Track listing:

Asa 11:15
Balochan 8:42
Rana 7:32
Shyam Kalyan 13:2
Vethiyo Komala 7:32
Sameri 10:21
Jhulta Madaliya 4:01
Bhairavi 11:15