You Dont Belong




Price:350 INR / 15 USD



Produced by : Overdose Films

Directed by : Spandan Banerjee

Script : Rupleena Bose

Camera : Mrinal Desai

                Quashiq Mukherjee

                Sunil Pillai

Edit : Spandan Banerjee & Abhishek Batra

Sound : Partha Burman


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You Don’t Belong is a journey, which reveals the prevalent lopsided equation between artiste, record companies and music producers. The story is of the everyday survival of the folk musicians on one hand and the profits of the system on the other hand. 

Through the story, which follows folk musicians and poets the film raises an important question about the way artistes and creators are treated in Indian societies. The film brings together the voice of the artiste expressing the apprehensions of mainstream culture, which does not recognize or remunerate indigenous forms of music.


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