Sacha Dev Baba Ramdev

Audio CD

Genre:Folk Music


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Copyright & Publishing : De Kulture Music 

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Regarded as the incarnation of Krishna, Ramdeo is a fourteenth century saint from Rajasthan. He is revered as Ramshah Pir, who is believed to have possessed miraculous healing powers and had treated people from far and wide.  Ramdeoji or Baba Ramdev is said to have treated the rich and poor with equal amounts of love, grace and equality. Followers of Baba Ramdev have put together devotional songs in praise of him in this album. 

 Based on information given on the album jacket

Audio Track listing:

Sunoji Ram Peer - Padma Ram Jaipal & various artistes 5:56
Ghodaliyo Mangwa - Padma Ram Jaipal & various artists 5:32
Pehla Parcha Mata - Padma Ram Jaipal & various artists 5:56
Aarti Baba Ramdeo - Tulchha Ram & various artists 4:42
Ramdeoji Byah - Santa Ram & various artists 5:4
Marg Mein Baba Ramdeoji - Bhanwarlal Rao & various artists 5:1
Beera Mhara - Gulzar Bhat 3:06
Khamma Khamma - Ghanshyam Solanki & various artists 3
Peecham Disha - Roop Das & various artists 4:35