Srujan: A vibrant garland of bandishes by Chaitanya Kunte

Audio CD

Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:100 INR / 6 USD


Tabla : Bharat Kamat

Samvadini : Suyog Kundalkar


Copyright & Publishing : Rainbow Music Company

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Whether it is composing new raags and taals or composing new bandishes, musicians have discovered many avenues of creative expression. Srujan as the name suggests, is about ‘creation’, and showcases vocal bandishes composed by harmonium player Chaitanya Kunte and rendered by Anuradha Kuber. These compositions covering forms like khayal and thumri are examples of the ongoing interaction with the tradition that the present generation is involved in at various levels.

Audio Track listing:

Multani 22:59
Gouri 5:46
Bhinnashadaj 10:33
Mishra Kafi 11:18
Sindha Bhairavi 7:58