Udja Ri Kurja

Audio CD

Genre:Folk Music


Price:60 INR / 5 USD


 Copyright & Publishing : De Kulture Music Pvt. Ltd. 

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The songs on this album represent the emotive state of Rajasthan women whose husbands have travelled to distant lands in search of sustenance and livelihood. Their despair and longing is said to be transported to their husbands through the flight of migratory birds known as ‘Kurja’. 

 The instruments used in this album are kamaycha, khartal, rawanhatta, satara, dholak, manjira and harmonium.

Information has been sourced from the album cover.


Audio Track listing:

Baalam ji Mharo - Manganiar artists 5:2
Kurja Mhari - Hakam Khan & group 6:3
Sutodi Ne Aayo Ri - Shanti Devi & Various Artists 5:56
Kurjan Mela Mein - Jatiram & group 5:12
Satara - Ilahu Khan 2:35