The Tribal Rhapsodies - musical treasures of Rajasthani tribes

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Genre:Folk Music


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 This album attempts to capture the essence of some of the traditional tribes of Rajasthan. The tribes such as Meena, Saharia, Bheel and others bring to their music an understanding of how their lives fuction and the celebrations that give them joy. These singing communities travel from place to place and spread their music over the rural landscape of the region. The instruments used by them are mashak, nagada, jhanjhar, madal, dholki, chimta, rawanhatta and others. 

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Audio Track listing:

Kai Kudegi Bapadi - Meena tribe 3:58
Pad Dheere Dheere gana - Meena tribe 5:07
Peedi Vail Ko Jharnato - Meena tribe 5:1
Dhola Dhola Bel - Meena tribe 5:42
Pabuji Ka Parwada Kesar - Bhopa tribe 10:36
Pabuji Ka Parwada-Jogmaya-Kesar - Bhopa tribe 9:22
Kud Pade Bajrangi - Saharia tribe 6:3
Laxman Se Gambhir - Saharia tribe 5:21
Laxman Mose Chadai - Saharia tribe 3:09
Krishna Bhajan - Bheel tribe 6:3
Gajanand -Bheel tribe 2:26
Kalu Kir - Bheel tribe 6:16