Dhamaal - Traditional Music of Shekhawati

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Genre:Folk Music


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Conventionally the people inhabiting the region of Shekhawati, Rajasthan, were known for their love for music and style of singing. Sung by male artistes with the use of instruments like chang, drum and flute, "dhamaal" was traditionally sung during Holi, the festival of color. Traditionally the artistes who perform this style of music do not perform for commercial purposes and allow other people to join the revelry of song and dance. They sometimes dress themselves in women’s clothing apart from an array of other costumes they put on in order to bring more shades to the performance. 

This album features Jagdish Prasad Dandh & and group, Prabhu Dayal Jangir and Chang dance artistes.

Based on information provided on album cover. 

Audio Track listing:

Khage Bichuro - Jagdish Prasad Dhand & Various Artists 5:16
Has Khelna - Prabhu Dayal Jangir & Various Artists - Hans Khelna 11:32
Daru Dakha Ri - Jagdish Prasad Dhand & Various Artists 4:52
Dhimi Chalo - Jagdish Prasad Dhand & Various Artists 7:12
Dewar Mharo Re - Jagdish Prasad Dhand & Various Artists 5:43