Jangam - Songs of Lord Shiva

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Genre:Folk Music


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 The first group of jangams features artistes :

Vocals : Suber Singh Mastana, Rohtash Baba, Baturu, Vira and Rakesh Jangam.

Dafli : pata Ram

Khartal : Guru Ram

The second group of jangams features artistes :

Vocals : Rajendra

Dafli : Somnath

Khartal : Shri Ram

Dholki : Dharam Pal 

Damru : Baliram




 Copyright & Publishing : De Kulture Music Pvt. Ltd. 

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 "Jangam" is the name given to the wanderers who are worshipers of the god Shiva. The Jangam jogis travel across India spreading and propagating the traditions related to Shiva. Being travellers, their instruments are small and portable like dafli, khanjari, khartal, among others. This album is a compilation of two separate group of Jangam jogis. 

Based on information provided on album cover.


Audio Track listing:

Shiv Katha 29:22
Shiv Rath 5:45
Om Namah Shivay 6:2
Shiv Ki Bhente 6:55
Ganesh Puja 0:59