Dhadhi - A Living Tradition of India

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 Characterized by the rhythm of  the dhadh, Dhadhi is a tradition that began in the courts of Guru Hargobind. Dhadhi is an amlagamation of both classical and folk music of Punjab. Featuring the rhythms of the dhadh accompanied by the sounds of sarangi, dhadhi exists in both sikh and sufi traditions. This album Features Puran Singh Arshi and group, Sharif Idu and gorup, Harmeet Kaur, Jasdeep Kaur and Jasmeet Singh.

Track Details :

1) Alankar Manglachar - This song is a prayer to Guru Gobind Singh. When the artiste or all Sikh Dhadhis play, their performances begin with this piece.

2) Dulla - Sikh Dhadhi - Dhulla Bhati was a Rajput hero who rebelled against Mughal Emperor Akbar. On the occasion of  marriage of Dhulla's daughter, there was a performance by two Dhadhi musicians. The song that was performed at that celebration was later named "Dulla" in honour of the hero.

3) Mirza - Guru Gobind Singh - At the onset of Emperor Aurangazeb's attack on Anandpur, Guru Gobind Singh was separated from the rest of the family at the banks of the river Sarsa. It was then that he entrusted the care of his mother, Gurji, and his younger sons into the hands of the cook who  took the three to his home. It was during this period that the Guru's sons, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh, asked their grandmother about  their father.

4) Baint - Sikh dhadhi - This song narrates the event of Guru Tegh Bahadur's martydom. He was brought before Aurungzeb and was asked to convert to Islam. When Guru refused to do so, he was sentenced to death.

5) Jode Di Kali - This is a narration of the episode in which Nawab Wazir Khan executed Baba Zorawar Singh, Baba Fateh Singh and their grandmother Gujri by sealing them into the fortress wall while they were alive. Their funeral rituals were carried out by Todar Mal who sold all his assets in order to purchase the land required for their cremation.

6) Khada sanka - This song narrates the episode when Baba Jeet Singh, Guru Gobind Singh's son asks him for permission to fight the war.

 7)  Puran Bhagat - Sufi Dhadhi - This song is an excerpt from the story of Puran Bhagat, a saint of India. It is a sufi dhadhi performance and is different from the Sikh Dhadhi style.

Tracks 1, 2 and 6 have been performed by Puran Singh Arshi and group. Tracks 3, 4 and 5 are by Harmeet Kaur, Jasdeep Kaur and Jasmeet Singh. The 7th track has been performed by Sharif Idu and group.

Based on information provided on the album jacket.

Audio Track listing:

Alankar - Manglachar 8:15
Dulla - Sikh Dhadhi 5:14
Mirza - Guru Gobind Singh 4:06
Baint - Sikh Dhadhi 6:23
Jode Di Kali 4:37
Khada Sanka 3:56
Puran Bhagat - Sufi Dhadhi 4