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Genre:Experimental Music


Price:120 INR / 4.5 USD


Composed and arranged: Shubha Mudgal and Coos de Graaf


Assisted and produced: Abhay Gopaldass Adhikari (Gopaldass)

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"" is a musical collaboration between Shubha Mudgal, Coos De Graaf (Hygge) and Abhay Gopaldass Adhikari (Gopaldass). Coos and Shubha have never met each other. However they are both good friends of Abhay. The entire project was conceived and implemented whilst chatting on MSN. The music has been composed by Shubha and Coos. Gopaldass has assisted in the mixing of the tracks and has produced the CD single. The lyrics of the track were chosen by Shubha and are from Kabir's poetry.

Please note: This is a Burn-On-Demand CD, and is therefore not a factory manufactured audio CD with a printed pre-designed album cover. The contents of this album will be burnt on CD-R Media once you place an order for it. Track details as well as copyright information will be printed on the CD which will be shipped to you in a clear plastic slim jewel case. While all necessary care has been taken to ensure that this CD is universally compatible, some players may face issues of incompatibility for which Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd. cannot be held liable.

Audio Track listing:

The 2 Mix 5:08
Voices 3:44
Track 2 5:06