Kissa Punjab

Audio CD

Genre:Folk Music


Price:300 INR / 12 USD


Algoza : Chood Khan


Marketed By : Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd.

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In a competitive musical environment that chooses to primarily patronise popular music, traditional music and its practitioners face an uncertain existence. This is particularly true of folk music from different parts of the country that continues to remain a musical goldmine despite several odds. As part of his research on Punjabi folk music, Gurvinder Singh recorded live performances at local fairs and dargahs or recorded performers in their homes. On this album, he shares with the listener some of the extensive material compiled by him, which includes music pertaining to the famous Punjabi love tales of Sassi-Punnu and Heer-Ranjha. The basic digital equipment used in these field recordings takes the listener to the original performance space – a moment that would seem near impossible in present times. As described by Gurvinder Singh, “This collection is dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the traditional performer who knows his days are numbered, but still trudges out on his old legs, because that is the only way of living he has known.”

Audio Track listing:

Algoza:Chood Khan 2:44
Chotaan Ishq Diyan: Noordin & Mohammad Shadi 5:14
Sassi Punnu: Chiragdin 6:22
Sift Sakhi Sarwar: Surjit Safri 3:51
Heer Waris Shah: Saudagar Ram 3:29
Jaimal Fatteh: Noordin & Mohammad Shadi 4:35
Heer Ranjha: Sadhu Khan & Bashir Mohammad 6:19
Dhol Sammi: Saudagar Ram 4:53
Jugni: Surjit Safri 3:57
Chunni da Sohna Rang: Noordin & Mohd. Habib 6:27
Sassi di kali: Chiragdin 4:55
Mirza Sahiban: Saudagar Ram 2:32
Guru Nanak Vandana: Pala & Sher Khan 6:4
Sassi Punnu: Saeeda Begum 8:16