Teej and Gangaur

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Genre:Folk Instrumental


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Teej and Gangaur are festivals celebrated in Rajasthan. They celebrate union, fidelity, marital bliss and love. Both festivals mark the moment when Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati come together to symbolize a joyous union. During these festivals, instruments like dhol and thali are played and the brass bands play traditional tunes, with or without vocals, setting the mood and tempo of the festivity.

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Audio Track listing:

Isar Parvati - Sawai Khan, Waghu Khan, Bhura Khan & Safi Khan 5:05
Poojan Do Gangaur - Manohar Brass Band 5:06
Gangaur - Om Prakash Dholi & group 5:44
Ghoomar Madhya Lay - Manohar Brass Band 5:31
Ghoomar Taal - Om Prakash Dholi & group 5:29
Ghoomar Chalat - Manohar Brass Band 6:05
Ghoomar Ramva Main Jyasa - Mangi & Faiz Khan 8:1