Sounds of Kutch

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Genre:Folk Instrumental


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Located on the western most tip of India, in the state of Gujarat, Kutch is an isolated island which showcases its cultural diversity. Tribes from Sindh, Pakistan, Persia, Africa, Central Asia and Europe brought their music to Kutch - music that has over the years given a unique identity to the region.

Instruments like Surando, JodiaPava, Morchang, Santaar, Ramsagar, Shehnai, Nagada, Dakla, Ghado-Ghamelo, Manjeera, Jhanj, are used here. Majority of the artistes who have played the instruments in this album are engaged in occupations like cattle herding, farming, black smithy, truck driving, daily wage labour, and manufacturing of handicrafts.

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Audio Track listing:

Pahadi Raag, Jodia Pava - Noormohamad Soda 4:08
Lehro, Jodia Pava & Ghado Ghamelo - Kanji Rana & Dana Bharmal 2:26
Dhun, Surando - Osman Sawan Jat 5:19
Prabhatia, Shehnai & Nagara - Jasab Langa, Gafur Langa & Siddique Langa 4:26
Sharbati Safa, Shehnai & Nagara - Jasab Langa, Gafur Langa & Siddique Langa 2:2
Paradhi's Taal, Dakla - Narayan Murli Paradhi 3:03
Kutchi Raag, Murli & Dhol - Surathnath Vadi & Anwar Langa 4:11
Deewana, Murli & Dhol - Surathnath Vadi & Anwar Langa 2:3
Groove of Bheels, Santaar & Manjira - Vela Dhana Bheel & Punji Bheel 1:24
Pulse of Chung - Morchung 1:38