Unheard Rajasthan

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Genre:Folk Music


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Copyright & Publishing : De Kulture Music.

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This album contains music scripted in different dialects from the state such as Marwari, Dhundhari and Shekhawati in a rare combination with accompaniment of traditional instruments. Various cultural groups like the Nayak, Meghwal, Manganiar, Langa, Meerasi, Brahmin, Khati, Jat, Harijan, Bhopa etc bring to the fore their peculiar repertoire of music. This compilation showcases the culture of Rajasthan which signifies celebration during all occasions, at all times and at all places.

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Audio Track listing:

Dhomaldi 6
Moomal 7:57
Nabh Kamal Vich 2:5
Bilyu Dhaam 4:48
Rasto De Shyam 8
Bagan Ka Bhanwra 17:1
Helo Mharo Sambhlo 5:23
Jeera 4:03