Sufi Kalam

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A Sufi Kalam traces the Islamic philosophy of Sufism through dialectic. Sufi Kalams are conversational in tone as the term Kalam draws from the Arabic for speech. The Sufi Kalam interprets Allah's words to his devotees, a Kalam expressing the faith that God is an absolute entity and no attribute can be associated with Him. Sufi Kalams suggest that when man becomes one with God, an intense process in itself, he becomes a true partisan of justice & unity. Inhabiting the border of India & Pakistan, the Sufi Sindhi community are well known for their historical association with music & their distinctive style of music. This album contains some of their traditional & popular Sufi Kalams sung by artistes of Mehar Community.

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Audio Track listing:

Pir Pagaro 5:06
Nukta Yaar Padhaya 6:26
Allah Jane 5:34
Pal Pal Pur Pawan 6:4
Jogi Aaya 5:3
Duma Dum 5:53
Har Rang Di 6:13
Sir Ishq Mein 7:57
Dadho Nihi 6:35