Beware Dogs


Genre:Indian Rock


Price:350 INR / 15 USD


Subject / Cast :  Indian Ocean Band Members :

                             Susmit Sen

                             Asheem Chakraborty

                             Rahul Ram

                             Amit Kilam


Produced by : Overdose Films

Concept & Direction : Spandan Banerjee

Music : Indian Ocean

Camera : Mrinal Desai & Hojo

Edit : Spandan Banerjee & Mukesh Saini

Sound : Amit Kilam

Text / Subtitles : Rupleena Bose

Stills : Spandan Banerjee & Hojo


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Premiered at The Rotterdam International Film Festival, Beware Dogs is a documentary on the contemporary music group India Ocean. Indian Ocean is one of the most exciting music groups of the contemporary South Asian scene exploring an intriguing crossover of eastern and western styles through folk, rock, fusion. The film is a witness of the struggle the four musicians go through as they create new material. They are together in their artistic journey in an inspiring house in old Delhi, sharing their inner joys, fear, thoughts, and putting it all in their music. The film shares with the viewer the excitement and the inner battle of the process of creating music.

Video listing:

BEWARE DOGS - The Film 45
Extra Shots : Asheem / Kandisa 3
Extra Shots : Rahul / Shoonya 6
Extra Shots : Amit / Shoonya 3
Extra Shots : Amit & Asheem / Kaun 3
Extra Shots : Hilley Le / For Media 2
Extra Shots : The Band / Evening Jam 4
Extra Shots : Susmit / Solo 15
Extra Shots : The Band / Shoonya 15
Beware Dogs 0