Baawri Meera

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Genre:Folk Music


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Copyright 2008 & Publishing :  De Kulture Music

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"Baawri Meera" is a compilation of the colloquial flavour of devotion in India for Lord Krishna through the simple verses of the mystical singer Meera Bai  who was known in India for her passionate praise and ardent devotion for Krishna . Some prayerful songs or bhajans attributed to Meera Bai have been performed by various folk musicians of Rajasthan.

The artistes featured on this CD are : Santaram & group, Tulsiram Parihar & group, Mangi Bai & group, Harji & group, Padma Ram & group, Safi Maharaj and group.

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Audio Track listing:

Ghare Aao Girdhari - Santaram & group 6:4
Ghadi Nai Aawre - Tulsiram Parihar & group 6:44
Kanhudo Na Jane - Mangi Bai & group 7:48
Satguru - Harji & group 3:5
Mohan Se Preet Ladi - Padma Ram & group 5:08
Radha Rani - Santaram & group 5:18
Santo Ri Sangat - Tulsiram Parihar & group 4:3
Guru Mahima - Safi Maharaj and group 4:45