Kahe Kabira

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Genre:Folk Music


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" Kahe Kabira " is a compilation of the colloquial flavour of devotion in India and a comprehensive introduction to understanding the ways of God through the simple verses of the celebrated Indian saint Kabir. Performed by the Manganiar, Meghwal and Nath Jogi communities, music translates into comprehension when the sounds of Tamboora, Harmonium, Khartal, Chimta, Dholak and Manjira blend in effortlessly with the sonorous lyricism of the bhajans attributed to saint Kabir.

Information taken from book jacket.

The artistes featured on this CD are : Aamin Khan, Santaram Meghwal Manganiar, Narayan, Harji, Safi Maharaj and Group, Padmaram Jaipal and Group.

Audio Track listing:

Mil Gayo Man Khario Nagina - Aamin Khan 5:22
Mera Bhed Kisi Nai Paya - Aamin Khan 3:34
Gaful Bhulo - Santaram Meghwal Manganiar 8:5
Is Bangle Ka - Narayan & Santaram 4:4
Satguru Arju Sunlo - Harji & Various Artists 3:1
Nij Ghar Alakh Jagaya - Safi Maharaj & Group 5:1
Hansa Re Hans Hans - Safi Maharaj 3:54
Bhakti Dan Mohe - Padmaram Jaipal & Group 6:01