Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:35 INR / 1 USD


Harmonium : Sudhir Nayak

Sarangi : Murad Ali


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.The track begins with a short chakradar using bols of a mohra (01.05). The peshkar that follows (1.49) was composed by Aneesh's revered guruji, Nikhil Ghosh and reflects the matra divisions of the taal. It also elaborates on the bols of the theka towards the end of the composition. This is succeeded by a qaida (7.43) reconstructed from a teentaal qaida. The next composition is a lapet (11.01) that borrows from pakhawaj repertoire. Aneesh learnt from his guruji that this piece was composed by his guru, Gyan Prakash Ghosh. The qaida that follows (12.33) is once again recontructed from a teentall qaida and clearly demarcates the matra-divisions through the language used in the theme. Guruji often included in his solos several pieces composed by his second tabla guru Amir Hussein Khan, a prolific composer, performer and teacher. The rela Aneesh has played next on this track (15.18) was composed by Amir Hussein Khan. The manjedar gat that follows (16.43) is originally part of the teentall repertoire, but fits into the Jhaptaal framework. The rav (18.02) has also been used here as a vehicle to launch off chakradars (18.57) before reaching a climatic end.

Audio Track listing:

Jhaptaal 21:32