Swatah-Sfurt Swarachit


Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:450 INR / 15 USD


Language: Hindi



A collection of khayal, tarana, thumri and dadra compositions by Varanasi based vocalist Devashish Dey, this volume is divided into four main segments. The first segment contains khayal, tarana, chaturang and ragamala compositions in traditional ragas, while the second segment is devoted to "swaraarth prabandh" or compositions where the song text is constructed from the notes used in the composition. The third section of the book focuses on thumri, dadra, jhoola and kajri compositions, while the fourth and last segment of the book features compositions in ragas created by the author.

Ragas featured in the book range from Yaman, Vachaspati, Shuddh Kalyan, Bihag, Hemant, Malkauns, Kirvani, Kalavati, Bilaskhani Todi and Puriya, to the author's creations such as Renuka, Natwar Malhar. Nandini and Rajat Jayanti.

The two CDs that accompany this collection contain renditions of the compositions by the author Devashish Dey.