Pratidhvani: Reverberations of the Nanasaheb Panse Pakhawaj Tradition

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Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:100 INR / 10 USD


Language: Marathi


Copyright & Publishing 2007 : Aneesh Pradhan

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It would surprise many that tradition continues to be loved and cared for even amidst the hustle-bustle of modern day Mumbai. This film is about one such tradition – a tradition, which could otherwise have easily become extinct.

Not far from the glitter and glamour associated with Bollywood, an unpretentious group of men and women gather every year in a small temple near the bustling Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (earlier known as Victoria Terminus) to pay homage to the now rarely heard tradition of pakhawaj playing. This short film attempts at capturing the spirit and motivations of this group.

The film contains short segments of live performances by pakhawaj player Prakash Shejwal, and tabla players Arvind Mulgaonkar, Bhai Gaitonde and Aneesh Pradhan.

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