Samarpan: Tribute to Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana

Audio CD

Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:200 INR / 10 USD


Copyright and Publishing 2007: Pt. Wamanrao Sadolikar Foundation

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This album featured three noted vocalists who studied the Jaipur-Atrauli style of vocal music and imparted their knowledge to several disciples. These archival recordings are excerpt from live concerts, and are perhaps the only extant sources that allow students, music lovers and musicians to study the music of these vocalists.

Audio Track listing:

Raag Dagori-Ere Bir Mohan 27:45
Raag Raisa Kanada-Re Tumhe Samaz 26:01
Raag Kafi Kanada-Mori Ali Tab 7:23
Raag Bhairavi-Daro Na Daro Na 3:46