Glimpse of Kutchi Music

Audio CD

Genre:Folk Music


Price:295 INR / 12 USD

Credits:Copyright and Publishing: De Kulture Music

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Located on the western most tip of India, in the state of Gujarat, Kutch is an isolated island which showcases its diversity just like its culture. The tribes which came to Kutch from Sindh, Pakistan, Persia, Africa, Central Asia and Europe brought their own music which, over the years, has given a unique identity to Kutch. From the Sufism influenced musical forms of the Maldharis (cattle herders) who trace their origin in Sndh, to the Bhajans influenced by the saints of Kutch, Saurashtra and Marwaad, and the Dhamaal of the Siddhi tribe which traces its origins to Africa, all find a place in this eclectic culture.

This album showcases ten tracks of Kutchi music recorded on location in Kutch.

Audio Track listing:

Jaisal peer 6:14
Pachim dhara na peer 5:03
Paap taahro 4:14
Aaj meetha ta 6:03
Vitchidi 2:39
Bas karo 6:29
Umer marvi 9:35
Alha ji aash kare 5:43
Thayaa sokh sundhal 4:08
Mathe ta ruati 3:02