Festive Colours

Audio CD

Genre:Thematic music


Price:150 INR / 5 USD


Vocal Support : Shubhanker Dey

Harmonium : Vinay Mishra

Tanpura : Ragini Sarna

Tabla : Rajnish


Copyright & Publishing 2007 : Devashish Dey

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Hindustani classical vocalist Devashish Dey presents a selection of classical and semi-classical compositions on the popular themes of Vasant and Holi. This selection includes traditional khayal compositions such as "Nabi Ke Darbar" in the seasonal Raag Vasant, as well as lesser heard Hori compositions describing Holi celebrations by Hindu deities such as Rama and Shiva.

Audio Track listing:

Raag Vasant 32:35
Thumri Mishra Piloo 14:53
Traditional Hori 4:47
Traditional Hori 10:07