Dagarbani Dhrupad

Audio CD

Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:250 INR / 10 USD


Pakhawaj: Laxmi Narayan Pawar


Copyright & Publishing 2007 : Ustad Fahimuddin Khan Dagar

Publishing & Distribution 2007 : Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd.

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This album consists of MP3 tracks featuring one of the leading exponents of the Dagar bani tradition of dhrupad-dhamaar singing. They are live concert recordings made in the 1980s and 1990s at performances held in India and abroad.

Note: The recordings on this album have been selected from a larger collection based on the repertoire and the overall recording quality. Originally recorded in private and public live concert situations, they contain ambient sounds. The basic nature of the recording equipment available at the time and the environment left very few options for using digital software like plug-ins or any other such processes to clean the recordings. The listeners may therefore kindly bear with the noise levels on these recordings. These recordings have been made on analogue recording equipment, but are now being released as MP3 tracks on this album.

Audio Track listing:

Raag Lalit 41:52
Raag Lalit 18:26
Raag Lalit 6:19
Raag Multani 18:2
Raag Multani 11:01
Raag Kalyan 39:21
Raag Kalyan 13:08
Raag Jaijaivanti 19:42
Raag Bihag 18:2
Raag Shankara 14:16
Raag Darbari Kanhra 51:15