Mohammad Abdur Rob Fakir

Mohammad Abdur Rob Fakir and his group are extremely popular for their renditions of Lalon and Baul music. Fakir Lalon Shai, a 19th century Sufi poet-saint, had established an akhara, a place for gathering and dwelling in Kushtia. Bauls continued to live near the tomb of their guru after his death – and do so even today. Once a year, Bauls assemble there to celebrate Lalon’s birthday.

Rob Fakir and his minstrels are well liked at these gatherings not just for their prowess in singing but also for their hold on Lalon’s philosophy which they elucidate through their songs. Accompanying Rob Fakir are Allauddin Biswas, Mohammad Aslam Shah, Mohammad Babar Ali and Shaker Mahmud.

Accompanying the Bauls is Anusheh, the vocalist of the alternative folk music band from Bangladesh which amalgamates Bengali folk songs with western music.

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