Hanuman Prasad Mishra

Born in 1914, eminent sarangi player Hanuman Prasad Mishra, belonged to a long lineage of sarangi players. Originally from the Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, the family moved to Banaras.

Hanuman Prasad Mishra and his younger brother Gopal Mishra were initially trained by their father Sur Sahai Mishra. Thereafter, the brothers received advanced training in music from Bade Ramdas Mishra.

Hanuman Prasad Mishra accompanied leading vocalists and taught several students.

He was a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1988.

He died in 1999.

Biographical sketch based on information provided in Joep Bor, The Voice of the Sarangi: An Illustrated history of bowing in India, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Quarterly Journal, Vol.XV, 324; Vol.XVI, 1, Sept., Dec.’86 and March ’87.

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