Naresh Fernandes

 Naresh Fernandes is a consulting editor at Time Out India. He has previously worked at The Times of India and the Associated Press in Bombay, and The Wall Street Journal in New York. His articles have also appeared in The Hindustan Times, The New York Times, India Magazine, Outlook Traveller, Seminar, Columbia Journalism Review, Letras Libres, and Transition, among other publications. He is the co-author of Bombay Then and Mumbai Now (Roli Books), a photo-led record of the city's historical and contemporary concerns. In 2003, he was the co-editor, along with Jerry Pinto, of Bombay Meri Jaan, an anthology of writing about Bombay. He has also contributed pieces to The Greatest Show on Earth, Indian Mass Media and the Politics of Change, First Proof, Elsewhere, and When Bombay Burned. He is a Poiesis Fellow at the Institute of Public Knowledge at New York University and is on the editorial policy board of the World Policy Journal. Taj Mahal Foxtrot is his first book.

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