Amelia Cuni

Amelia is a singer and a composer. She has trained her voice and musical skills in India, according to the tradition of dhrupad singing and kathak dance. Her present work includes traditional as well as contemporary music and multimedia collaborations with several artists of international repute. She is engaged in the transmission of the knowledge she has acquired from her gurus and teaches Indian singing at the Vicenza Conservatory in Italy and in Berlin, where she is based. She lived in India for more than 10 years (between 1978 and 1997) studying dhrupad singing from renowned masters such as R. Fahimuddin Dagar, Vidur Mallik and Dilip Chandra Vedi. She performs worldwide and her singing is featured on several CDs. Well-known Western composers have written for her dhrupad voice. Her own multimedia performance Ashtayama-Song of Hours has been presented in many international festivals in Europe and America. Her latest work, John Cage's Solo for voice 58 (microtonal ragas - Song Books, 1970) is a co-production with various European and American new music venues. She often collaborates with her husband Werner Durand, a German composer/performer of experimental music.

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