Suresh Talwalkar

A leading tabla player of present times, Suresh Talwalkar is known for his passion for tabla and for his ability in sharing this passion with numerous students.

A member of keertankar Dholebuva's family, Talwalkar developed a liking for art/classical music since his childhood. At a young age, his father Dattatray Talwalkar initiated him into the art of tabla playing. He then took lessons from veteran gurus Pandharinath Nageshkar and Vinayakrao Ghangrekar. He also learnt the intricacies of Carnatic rhythm from the renowned mridangam player Ramnad Ishwaran.

Suresh Talwalkar has accompanied a number of great artists in their concerts, noteworthy among whom were Gajananbuva Joshi and Nivruttibuva Sarnaik who he also regards as gurus.

Talwalkar introduced the concept of vocal accompaniment to tabla solo performance and also presented special performances entitled Taal Mala and Jod Taal.

He has several recordings to his credit. He has trained several disciples and many dancers and percussionists seek his guidance.

Prestigious awards like Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Award, Vasantrao Naik Puraskar, an award from Naad Brahma and from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, the title of “Taal Yogi” by the Shankaracharya, Giants International Award 2007, Shri Laxmimata Kala Sanskriti Puraskar 2007, Swarasadhana Ratna Puraskar 2008, Manpatra, Abhinav Kala Samaj, Indore, the title of \" Sangeet Poornacharya \" by Poornawad Vishwavidya Pratisthan, have been conferred upon him. He is also the recipient of the Sangeet Natak Academy Award.

He frequently travels abroad for concerts and workshops.

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